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Fohat brings into manifestation as concrete forms the formless seeds eternally existing in the realm of Ideation.

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Approaching The Secret Doctrine

In this book, Pablo Sender explores the main teachings of The Secret Doctrine with clarity and in a systematic way. He offers significantly more than a metaphysical exposition of the subject matter. He describes an approach that turns study into a form of yoga and presents an innovative method to use these teachings for meditation and apply them to everyday living. Learn more here.

Pablo Sender

Books, audios and videos by Pablo Sender on Theosophy, Meditation, Spiritual Life and much more.  Learn more…

Classic Theosophy Series

Early Theosophical literature that presents timeless ideas to the modern reader. Learn more…

Fohat Pamphlets

Introductory material, short essays, study guides, and compilations on different Theosophical subjects. Learn more…

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