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Approaching the Secret Doctrine

Its Teachings and Practical Application

Pablo provides us with a careful account of the main concepts contained in the first volume of Blavatsky’s work, which presents an esoteric account of the origin and constitution of the cosmos, the laws directing its evolution, and its ultimate purpose.


Part I describes an approach to The Secret Doctrine that turns its study into a form of yoga, helping the student gain deeper insights into higher realities.

Part II explores the main teachings of the first volume of The Secret Doctrine, Cosmogenesis, expounding upon them in a clear and systematic way. Diagrams and charts are provided throughout, and all non-English technical terms are translated, removing a common stumbling block encountered by students.

Part III presents an innovative method to apply teachings on cosmic principles to the human mind and consciousness. It also includes a series of meditations and exercises designed to help the earnest student grow in self-knowledge and meet the experiences of daily life from the profound perspective put forth by Blavatsky’s remarkable text.

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