Evolution of the Higher Consciousness

In this book Pablo Sender explores the writings of Mme. Blavatsky, tracing her teachings on the evolution of the higher consciousness throughout her voluminous writings. This book presents her teachings in a systematic way, explaining her frequently obscure words so that the earnest student can grasp their meaning.

The book not only explores the philosophy but also has four chapters devoted to the application of these teachings.


Part I. Theory
Chapter 1. Theosophical View on Evolution
Chapter 2. Ātman—The Higher Self
Chapter 3. The Monad
Chapter 4. Manas—The Ego
Chapter 5. Kāma—The Animal Soul
Chapter 6. Communication with the Higher
Chapter 7. Evolution of the Higher Ego

Part II. Practice
Chapter 8. The State of Manas Taijasa
Chapter 9. States of Consciousness
Chapter 10. The “Thought-Producer”
Chapter 11. The Sense of Space

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