Realizing the Self Within: Expressing Your Spiritual Self in Everyday Life

REALIZING THE SELF WITHIN stands out for its simplicity, explaining the concepts of spirituality in practical, everyday language that can be easily understood and applied to daily life. REALIZING THE SELF WITHIN clarifies karma, the purpose of life, consciousness, and how to improve your intuition. This book is a great starting point for the reader to begin his or her own exploration of the subject of Self-Realization.

“This book has a liveliness that comes from actual interaction with students. It is a book of our time, whose emphasis is on experience, practicality, and authentic firsthand knowledge rather than on abstractions.” — Shirley J. Nicholson

SUE PRESCOTT, MSW, is a social worker, therapist, and lifelong student of spirituality. She is an international speaker on the topic of how the concepts of spirituality can be applied to relationships and self-improvement. Currently she is in private practice in the Seattle area. Visit her website at www.sueprescott.com

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